Pet Inn and Spa

Whether you have an unexpected trip that is coming up in the next few days, or you simply want a place where you can keep your dog for a little while, we think that a pet spa is a good option. If you have never heard of the pet spa Plymouth MI, you may want to check it out. Not only is it one of the most posh places where you could have your dog staying, but it is also a place where your dog will be safe and in good hands. Your pet is going to have so much fun!

If you are looking for a place where you can board your dog for a while, or you want them to stay at the doggie daycare, you have come to the right spot. They have so many services related to doggie care, and you will feel comforted from the moment you step onto the property. Everyone who works with the dogs is highly trained, which means they will care for your dog, get him the exercise he needs and ensure that he has a great time. Whether you have meetings or you are going out of the city, you will feel your pet is in good hands.

In terms of what you get if you have them enrolled in the doggie daycare and boarding, you are going to get great accommodations, multiple meals during the day, ample breaks for your dog to relieve himself, and some group play with the other dogs that are staying during that time. We think it is the best solution when you have a dog and you want them taken care of in the right way. So, check out the daycare or the boarding areas and see if you like what you are seeing.