Professional Treatments Used to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be found anywhere, even in very clean homes or apartments. Unfortunately, they easily spread between apartments as people move in or out bringing infested mattresses, bedding or clothing with them. To effectively treat homes or apartments, contact a professional Boston exterminator.

Bed Bug Treatments

Commercial bug sprays have very little effect on bed bugs, so it is a waste of time buying and using them in your home if bed bugs are spotted. The best thing to do is to call a professional pest exterminator to have your home treated. Professional exterminators have chemicals and other treatments specifically made to be effective against many types of pests, including bed bugs.

Bed bugs, like most pests, are unlikely to stay isolated to one area of your house or apartment. They like to burrow into furniture, mattresses, clothing and anywhere else they can hide. They don’t like heat, so they are unlikely to be in your hair or on your skin, although you may be bit if you’re sleeping on an infested bed or sofa.

Chemical Treatments

Some exterminators will first use chemical powders to try to get rid of bed bugs, as this can be an effective way to keep them from spreading and to kill them. When the bugs travel through the powder, they take the chemical back to their nests, where it can kill the other bed bugs. However, if this treatment proves to be ineffective, then your home can be heat treated.

Exterminators will use heaters in rooms where bed bugs have been found to make the house hot. This will help kill bed bugs wherever they are and, afterwards, the house will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove the dead pests. Washing bedding and clothes, then drying them on high in a dryer will also help get rid of them.